Monday, March 13, 2017

1 Year and a Trip to Cambridge and Hamburg

So it was, that nearly a year ago I had some seemingly benign cyst removed from my finger. I went off to Mexico for spring break with my family and thought nothing more of it. That was the beginning of my cancer saga. Fast forward to now and things are looking brighter. I am 1/2 a digit short but my chest scans continue to be clear. :)

So the Yang - There were 2 days that were the absolute worse. First was the day I found out I had cancer.  They told me that the best case scenario was losing my finger and the worse was death.  I am a fan of a 'win win' not a 'lose lose'! Anyway so far I got the best case scenario.  The 2nd worse day was the day I removed the bandage and saw my finger missing. It still makes me weep tbh. Im not sure why not being whole is so devastating, but I can only imagine the mourning that must occur with people losing limbs.  Life goes on and we adjust but something inside is still a bit broken. I feel like I shouldnt be complaining as I do have a charmed life and no one around me even seems to notice anymore... but its something lonely, deep and guttural that I feel.

Anyway onto the Yin.  I had a lovely visit to Cambridge UK. What a charming city steeped in history.  Got to visit the HQ of the gaming company that makes the online game I play and spend time with some long time friends I met through the game. Crazy world really... I travel the world with people I met online through a game. Life for me, is an ongoing adventure.

A friend and I went from the HQ meetup to Hamburg Germany to visit another gaming friend and her husband. What a fun city Hamburg is!  From the history of the shipping industry to the nightlife of the Reeperbahn and the amazing food... we had an awesome weekend! I feel really lucky! <3  Next trip Mexico in 2 weeks.


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